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  • Mobile credit card machines revolutionise commerce

    Mobile credit card machines revolutionise commerce The fact that many people prefer to pay with their credit cards is no longer a secret for anyone. Most buyers just enjoy the comfort of not having to carry a large wallet with them all the times and the fact that their transaction is completed faster. Of course, […]

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  • Credit card payment – a professional choice for any business

    The development of technology has managed to outdate a lot of things in the past years, and seems that payment methods are no exception. Even if some years ago, those who used credit cards were considered shady or extremely wealthy, nowadays credit card payment has managed to take over the traditional method. When it comes […]

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  • Accepting Card Payments – The Hallmark of a Modern Business

    In modern countries, stores that accept credit cards are a given and, based on current payment trends, businesses that only take cash are expected to lose money in the future. The earliest version of cards dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when Western Union issued so called “charge cards” to loyal customers. […]

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  • Brief classification of the types of credit card processing

    At present, debit and credit cards dominate the market and cash payments are virtually becoming a thing of the past. The reason for which so many small and large businesses alike have decided to accept electronic payment is represented by the fact that it is more profitable for them to be able to provide their […]

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  • How Online Payment Processing Works

    When a customer buys something from the retail store, the payment process is straightforward. The customer chooses one or more products from the store, goes to the cashier, receives the charge on the spot and pays in cash or with the credit card. However, the typical online payment process is different. First of all, there are more steps involved, which makes the entire process seem more complicated, but understanding how online payment processing works is not that much of a challenge. If you own an online business or you plan to open an online store, the following article can help you understand how online credit card payment processing solutions will benefit you and your business….

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